Planning for Doomsday through Panarchy: Introduction

 Every other Wednesday, a group of inquisitive minds meet to discuss everything that is Systems, Integrative, Design, and Evaluative Thinking. Together, this group makes up the SIDElab. The topic this week was of particular interest in terms of analytical frameworks for explaining and organizing the complexities associated with disasters. The discussion was on the adaptive cycle and panarchy presented by Lesley Herstein, PhD Candidate in the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Toronto. The theory originally conceptualized by Buzz Holling, stems from patterns observed in ecological systems but also social and political systems. This approach is used to explain how systems transform and interact with one another. This blogpost will highlight some concepts about the theory and, with brief application to ecology in the introductory section, will be explained through an emergency management lens.
This post is divided into three sections:
1. Adaptive Cycle
2. Panarchy
3. Reflections on Panarchy


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