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Can a citizen-driven response improve humanitarian action?

A few months back, I had the opportunity to chat with @ICRC_innovation about the how citizen-driven

The Risks to Early Academics in the World of Publishing

As I traverse through the academic trenches, I’ve been learning more and more about the publishing

Introducing Local Digital Response Networks (DRN)

During the fall of 2015, I had the opportunity to work with Andrej Verity at the

Recent Collaboration: Article on Humanitarian Technologies for Restoring Eyesight

Cross posted from Philanthropy News Digest Restoring Eyesight: Leveraging Tech to Empower People JENNIE PHILLIPS ;

Battling Information & Embracing Innovation in Emergencies

Last week I gave a mini-lecture to a class of medical residents interested in humanitarian work. The

Managing in a Crisis

From private to public to non-profit organizations, many of us often find ourselves either tasked with

3 Minute Thesis – The Debrief

In follow-up to my previous post, I competed in the Three Minute Thesis Divisional Finals this

3 Minute Thesis – Division Finals!

Every year PhD Candidates change out of their sweatpants, dust off their blazers, and armed with a

Planning for Doomsday through Panarchy: Part 3. Reflections

REFLECTION Discussions within the SIDElab group combined with the exercise of writing this post through an emergency

Planning for Doomsday through Panarchy: Part 2. Panarchy vs. Hierarchy

PANARCHY Thinking bigger, systems are rarely a single entity but a conglomeration of many sub-systems that impact one